Anders Weber, CEO

Joined Samplix after holding CEO positions in a number of biotech and healthcare companies, including BioGasol, Estibio, Upfront Chromatography, Precisense, Retinalyze, Torsana and Amdex

Awarded a M.Sc. in Food Science and a PhD in Immunology from Den Kgl. Veterinær- og Landbohøjskole

Marie Just Mikkelsen, CTO

Marie is managing the research and development and intellectual property of Samplix and has a background as Director of technology of Estibio ApS, Director of Bioprocessing at BioGasol ApS, and Associate professor at the Danish Technical University. Awarded a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from University of Southern Denmark

Erling Fris Jørgensen, CFO

Erling is responsible for the financial management and administration at Estibio. He has over 19 years’ experience as a CFO gained in various Danish and Scandinavian branches of multinational companies. Prior to this, he was an auditor with Ernst & Young.

Erling has a degree in Accounting & Financial and Accounting Management, HD(R), from Copenhagen Business School.

Thomas Kvist, Head of Development

Thomas has more than ten years of experience in molecular biology, and has been the driving force in converting theory to real life solutions. He has a background in drug discovery, health associated microbiology and metabolic engineering. Awarded M. Sc (Gene transfer - University of Copenhagen) & Ph.D. (Molecular diversity -Technical University of Denmark).

Esben Bjørn Madsen, Senior Scientist

With a background in oligo synthesis, molecular diagnostics and customer support, Esben joined Samplix in February 2015. Esben holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Aarhus University and has solid experience with DNA enrichment technology and next generation sequencing including data analysis.


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