About Us

We make any DNA sequenceable

Our customers share the intent to see the genomic world with greater precision — to fully characterize the nature and repercussions of genetic diversity.

At Samplix, we make that possible. Our products permit informed research decisions by empowering scientist to sequence any genetic region for the purpose of determining virus integration, excluding unintended CRISPR edits, closing gaps in otherwise inaccessible regions, and more.

Our beginning

It all began in 2012, when a couple of scientists looking for rare genomic events realized that no existing tools delivered error- and bias-free identification of genomic variants. Motivated by the challenge, they set out to develop a method that truly represents any genomic variation, whether SNP or structural variant.

The root cause of bias and errors in genomic analyses is often the use of PCR and unintended interactions between DNA molecules during sample handling.

Therefore, the team decided to develop a workflow based on

compartmentalizing single molecules into droplets and eliminating the need for PCR amplification.

After 6 years of product development and thorough testing, the fully developed system for droplet-based, PCR-free enrichment of genomic regions was commercially introduced in late 2019 under the name Xdrop®.

Since then, our Xdrop products have proven their value for a variety of applications in the hands of scientists and medical professionals striving to understand the complexity of any genome.

Our focus

We are scientists with many years of laboratory experience. We understand our customers’ preference of a simple workflow that allows a customized experimental setup in every new experiment.

At Samplix, we strive to enable your success. Rest assured that our ambition will grow along with yours.