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Enrich for Long Regions

A multiplex enrichment adds coverage breath when capturing long regions > 100 kb

Explore Unknown Regions

Examine genomic regions without knowing their sequence in full, even with low input amounts.

CRISPR Editing Verification

Avoid “methodological traps” that can hide unintended deletions or rearrangements because of PCR bias.

Amplify Whole Genomes in Droplets

Reduce amplification bias for a demonstrably more uniform and complete coverage of your sample.

Identify Viral Integrations

Examine a low-abundance viral target in the context of its insertion region in the host genome.

Phase Haplotypes

Resolve multiple haplotypes within a single genetically heterogenous sample.

Spotlight: Plant genomes

Easily isolate long DNA fragments that overcome challenges of sequencing large and complex plant genomes.

Spotlight: Benchmarking

Xdrop is an agile platform that allows you to easily switch from one target to another and explore each in depth, with a very even coverage.

Genes vs. Pseudogenes

High-fidelity enrichment allows detailed characterisation of large DNA fragments

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