CRISPR Validation Services

How certain are you that your CRISPR edits worked? Look beyond the edit site. Xdrop™ reveals unintended modifications where other methods fail.

CRISPR Validation Services Overview

Get in-depth validation of your CRISPR-engineered samples with Samplix.

  • Scrutinise > 40 kb around the edited site in depth (~100-fold coverage)
  • Detect unintended modifications e.g. loss of heterozygosity, rearrangements
  • Bypass limitations of standard PCR-based validations

Xdrop™ approach

Xdrop™ Indirect Sequence Capture will enrich for all long DNA fragments displaying a Detection Sequence placed 5-10 kb apart from the edited site. The enriched DNA is sequenced on both Oxford Nanopore and Illumina platforms, to get detailed information about both structural rearrangements and SNPs. 

Check how we detected a plasmid insertion in different cell lines here:

primer design strategy crispr


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Our customers say... 

“We used Samplix Xdrop™ and Sequencing Services in a project aiming at closing genomic gaps of the herring Y chromosome. We were pleased with the advice we received from Samplix experts regarding experimental design as well as with the speed and quality of the delivered Service”

Prof. Leif Andersson, Uppsala University, Sweden

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