The Xdrop™ Technology

The Xdrop™ platform enables you to isolate long fragments from small amounts of input DNA where only a small piece of the sequence is known

How Xdrop™ works...

  • Capture intact genomic fragments up to 100 kb in length

  • Use only nanograms of DNA

  • Indirect Sequence Capture - use the sequence you know to capture what you're interested in

  • Automated droplet generation and easy-to-use protocol

  • Compatible with short- and long read sequencing

How Xdrop™ works...

Simple and user-friendly workflow for target enrichment
and PCR-free amplification

Stage 1 RGB

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Mix DNA and detection reagents

Mix primers, designed in the Samplix design tool to amplify a small, ~150 bp, easy-to-amplify region within or adjacent to your 15-100 kb target region, with template DNA, and droplet PCR mix containing enzyme, buffer, and nucleotides

Stage 2 RGB

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First droplet generation

DNA is partitioned into millions of highly stable double emulsion droplets. Primers anneal and amplify small PCR-product for detection of positive droplets containing target region

Stage 3 RGB

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Target detection

After amplification, only droplets containing region of interest are fluorescent

Stage 4 RGB

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Droplet sorting by flow cytometry

Sorting and collection of positive fluorescent droplets, containing target region

Stage 5 RGB

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Break droplets and mix with amplification reagents

DNA from positive droplets containing target region is released. The enriched target DNA is mixed with reagents for amplification step

Stage 6 RGB

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Second droplet generation

The DNA target molecules are partitioned in thousands of independent single emulsion droplets

Stage 7 RGB

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Unbiased universal amplification

Target DNA is amplified by droplet-based multiple displacement amplification (dMDA). Traditional MDA-bias is eliminated by the partitioning of DNA

Stage 8 RGB


DNA ready for downstream analysis

Amplified target DNA, is released from droplets and DNA is ready for downstream analysis by long read sequencing, NGS, PCR, microarray etc.

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