Shed light on complex genomic regions

Revolutionizing Next Generation Sequencing, 4th Virtual Conference
March 11, 2021

Shed light on complex genomic regions with Xdrop

Marie Mikkelsen directs the development of instruments, microfluidics, molecular biology and bioinformatics at Samplix. With decades of experience in the life science industry, she helped transform Xdrop® from an idea on the back of an envelope to an intuitive commercial technology that is leading to novel insights in genome editing, plant breeding, genetic heterogeneity of disease, viral introgressions and more.


As a speaker at the 4th Virtual Conference "Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing", she will describe how Xdrop target enrichment promises to change the way scientists tackle some of the most challenging questions in genomics.


Intrigued? Join her! Also check out this interview with Marie.

100 kb into the genome – a quest to improve target enrichment

Marie Just Mikkelsen

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Enriched long DNA fragments from low sample input of largely unknown sequence



Groundbreaking research based on deep sequencing of long stretches of DNA



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