You’re asking complex genomics questions. We use Xdrop® to answer them. Partner with the Samplix® Service Team and enrich genome regions longer than 100 kb.

“We investigate a complex genomic and molecular interaction induced by CRISPR/Cas9 deletion that requires highly efficient and sensitive target enrichment followed by long-read sequencing. The Samplix Service Team was very knowledgeable and experienced in the specifics of our project. We also received very helpful advice on the data analysis.”

- Keyi Geng, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

colabs Keyi Geng

“We used Samplix Xdrop™ and Sequencing Services in a project aiming at closing genomic gaps of the herring Y chromosome. We were pleased with the advice we received from Samplix experts regarding experimental design as well as with the speed and quality of the delivered Service.”

- Prof. Leif Andersson, Uppsala University, Sweden

colabs Leif Andersson pgotographer Mikael Wallerstedt

Photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt

“The Service team has been very efficient, and I have been advised during all steps: from the design of the experiment to optimized methods for high-quality and high-molecular weight DNA extraction from plant tissues. I like the updates I got at each step. I could see the progress of the project and discuss with the team any adjustments that were necessary.”

- Alessandro Tondelli, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Italy

Alessandro Tondelli Cropped

Samplix Services Overview

Samplix provides target enrichment services using the Xdrop platform together with Oxford Nanopore and/or Illumina sequencing.

New! Samplix now offers standard and custom bioinformatics analysis of your sequencing data.

Standard bioinformatics:

- Mapping of reads to a reference sequence

- Reports about enrichment and mapping

Custom bioinformatics:

- Ad hoc analytics, including read correction and de novo assembly

Our Xdrop platform allows targeting and enrichment of very long DNA fragments, meaning we can perform unique enrichment and sequencing projects, such as:

Identify Genomic Integrations, e.g. viral
Verify CRISPR edits
Sequence of repetitive elements, e.g. tandem repeats
Gap closing in difficult genomes
Phase Haplotypes
Amplify Whole Genomes with uniform coverage

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