Samplix Leadership Team

Lars Kongsbak

CEO, Lars Kongsbak provides expertise in building startup companies which includes strategy drafting and establishing a competent leadership team to execute on the strategy.

Lars has listed two life science companies. Lars is or has been engaged with BlueBee, ViroGates, Exiqon, Novozymes and Novo Nordisk.

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Lars Kongsbak BW

Marie Mikkelsen

CTO and co-founder, Marie Mikkelsen provides expertise in product development which for Samplix includes development of instruments, microfluidics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Marie has been engaged with Biogasol and Estibio.

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Marie Just Mikkelsen

Ninni Thorkildgaard

CFO, Ninni Thorkilgaard provides expertise in corporate & strategy development both from large entities and from start-up companies. Ninni has been engaged with MEQU, BLOC, Coloplast, Solix group and the Boston Consulting group.

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Henrik Pfundheller

VP Commercial Operations, Henrik Pfundheller provides expertise in building the commercial strategy which includes sales, marketing, customer support and logistics to support rapid growth. Henrik has listed one life science company. Henrik has been engaged with QIAGEN, Exiqon, Denator and Neurosearch.

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HMP head (2)

Peter Mouritzen

VP Application and Market Development, Peter Mouritzen provides expertise in documenting the many applications of the Xdrop™ technology and builds relationships with key opinion leaders across the globe. Peter has listed one life science company. Peter has been engaged with QIAGEN and Exiqon.

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Peter M (2)

Søren Echwald Morgenthaler

VP Intellectual Property Rights, Søren Echwald Morgenthaler provides expertise in patent strategy, freedom to operate analysis and business strategy. Søren has listed one life science company. Søren is and has been engaged with Anapa Biotech, Exiqon and Novo Nordisk.

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