Bioinformatics tools

Use our upstream and downstream bioinformatics tools to perform a range of essential tasks, from primer design to data handling. Simply register and log in to use the tools.

Perform calculations for your experiments

Use these calculators to determine input amounts and predict enrichment before your Xdrop experiments, and calculate the target enrichment after a run.


Design primers for DNA enrichment and validation

Use the Primer design tool to design the primers for the detection and validation sequences for your Xdrop sample enrichment workflow. Our Primer design tool delivers the required number of droplet PCR primers (for the detection sequence) and qPCR primer pairs (for the validation sequence). 

Xdrop DE20 Cartridge for Website

Perform downstream analyses on your data

These tools are designed to facilitate the handling of Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Illumina data. They perform tasks like basecalling, reference downloads, and generating reports. They are provided free to Samplix customers but you must have a Github account to access them.

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