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NextGen Omics Nov 2020 Virtual

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Tackling Disease Related Repeat- Expansion Analysis By Xdrop® Indirect Sequence Capture

Talk by MARZIA ROSSATO, Researcher in Genetics, University of Verona, at the NextGen Omics conference 2020.

• The analysis of long DNA fragments provides consistent benefits in the characterization of clinically-relevant regions with challenging features, such as tandem repeats, structural variants, and high CG-content
• The Xdrop indirect sequence capture provided by Samplix® represents a flexible approach to enrich for long DNA fragments of interest and sequence them using either short or long reads
• Show case: Xdrop can be efficiently applied for the analysis of SNV, tandem repeat length and interruption in genes underlying neurological disorders

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Xdrop – Validation Of Correct CRISPR Gene Editing

Talk by PETER MOURITZEN, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix, at NextGen Omics conference 2020

The Xdrop concept of Indirect Sequence Capture allows on-target analysis of 40 kb or more of the genomic region surrounding gene editing sites
• Case study: Detection of unintended on-target editing in a set of IPS cell lines
• Additional strategies for targeted enrichment to analyse for CRISPR on- and off- target events, CRISPR knock-in and other transgene integration patterns

Samplix Webinar June 2020

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Samplix Webinar: Capture the dark genome: From repeat-expansions to CRISPR unintended mutations

PART 1 (01:30): Tackling Disease-Related Repeat-Expansion Analysis - Dr. Marzia Rossato, Researcher, Functional Genomic Lab, University of Verona, Italy

PART 2 (20:44): Validation of CRISPR in a 100 kb Region Surrounding the Editing Site - Dr. Peter Mouritzen, Application Development Services, Samplix, Denmark

PART 3 (37:50): The Launch of a Grant Program and Q&A