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Who we are

Samplix ApS empowers the life sciences and medical research communities with cutting-edge microfluidics-based solutions. At Samplix, our mission is to elevate the resolution and throughput of genomics, cell screening, and molecular engineering workflows, providing researchers with unparalleled insights into the intricate world of cells and genomes. 

Our proprietary Samplix technology is meticulously crafted to offer targeted DNA and single-cell insights. Through the generation of highly stable microfluidic double-emulsion droplets, we encapsulate biological material with precision, including single-cells, organelles, and single molecules. These microfluidic wonders pave the way for a myriad of high-resolution downstream analyses, ranging from assessments of single-cell functional heterogeneity to the acceleration of enzyme engineering. 

At Samplix, we are more than just developers of microfluidics solutions; we are dedicated partners ready to assist academic, corporate, and government researchers in achieving their goals. Our expertise extends across diverse fields such as human genomics, gene and cell therapy, plant genomics, and synthetic biology.

Our history

How do you get error- and bias-free identification of genomic variants? This was the question that Dr. Marie Just Mikkelsen and Dr. Thomas Kvist wanted to answer in 2012, when they were working on rare genomic variants. At the time, no existing technology could address that important question. Motivated by the challenge, the two scientists set out to develop a method that reveals any genomic variation.

PCR and unintended interactions between DNA molecules during sample handling are often the root of bias and errors in genomic analyses. Marie and Thomas built a team focused on creating a PCR amplification-free workflow with single molecules encapsulated in droplets.

In 2019, after 6 years of product development and thorough testing, the fully developed microfluidics system for droplet-based, PCR-free enrichment of genomic regions was launched under the name Xdrop®.

Since then, Xdrop technology has proven itself in a broad range of applications with human, other animal, plant, and microbial genomes. It also supports the investigation of cell reactions, including enzyme activity and protein synthesis.

With the success of the microfluidics system, Samplix has grown considerably, supporting customers worldwide with their genomics and molecular biology research.

Leadership team

Lars Kongsbak


Lars Kongsbak provides expertise in building startups, including strategy drafting and establish competent leadership. He has listed two life science companies and is or has been engaged with BlueBee, ViroGates, Exiqon, Novozymes and Novo Nordisk.

Marie Just Mikkelsen

CTO and co-founder

Marie Just Mikkelsen provides expertise in product development, which for Samplix includes instruments, microfluidics technology, molecular biology reagents, and bioinformatics. She has been engaged with Biogasol and Estibio.

Trine Overgaard Østerbye


Trine Overgaard Østerbye provides expertise in leading commercial operations in life sciences startup companies, including companies working within the areas of immunology other cell functionality space. She has been engaged with BioPorto Diagnostics, Svar Life Sciences, and Kementec Solutions.

Søren Echwald Morgenthaler

VP Intellectual Property Rights

Søren Echwald Morgenthaler provides expertise in patent strategy, freedom to operate analysis and business strategy. He has listed one life sciences company and is or has been engaged with Anapa Biotech, Exiqon and Novo Nordisk.

Peter Mouritzen

VP Application & Market Development

Peter Mouritzen provides expertise in documenting the many applications of the Xdrop technology and builds relationships with key opinion leaders across the globe. He has listed one life science company and has been engaged with QIAGEN and Exiqon.

Board of directors

Michael (Micky) Obermayer

Chairman & Co-Founder

Michael Obermayer is an experienced board member with extensive knowledge in Business Strategy, and Corporate Development. With previous roles at McKinsey & Co., and Fjord Capital Partners, Michael brings a wealth of global experience and strategic acumen to Samplix ApS. 

Lars Krogsgaard

Board member

Lars Krogsgaard is a professional board member with extensive experience in strategic development, business development, risk management, and financing. With a proven track record as an active investor and board member in over 25 Nordic companies, Lars brings valuable insights to Samplix ApS.

Rodney Turner

Board member

With 25 years of experience in the life science research and biotechnology tools industry, Rodney brings invaluable expertise to Samplix ApS. His decade-long tenure in biotech start-ups, consulting, and corporate settings, focusing on life science business development, sales, marketing, and strategy development, enriches the board with diverse perspectives and insights.

What's new for Samplix?

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Conferences 2024

Modern World Health Day Greeting LinkedIn Post (16) 40187 Image

April 02, 2024 - Here are some of the conferences we'll be participating:

  • CRISPR Medicine - in Copenhagen from April 23rd-25th. Our Field Application Scientist, Sidsel Alsing, will be taking the stage on April 25th at 13:05 (Stage 2, Track 3).
  • CYTO24 - in Edinburgh from May 4th-8th. Visit us at Booth 55.
  • PEGS - in Boston from May 13th-16th. Meet us at Booth 618. Cecilie Nyholm Andersen, our Field Application Scientist, will be presenting insights on our cutting-edge droplet platform, Xdrop.
  • Innovations for Cell & Gene Therapies - in Paris from May 22nd. Drop by Booth 12.
  • Antibodies Industry Symposium - in Montpellier from June 20th-22nd.

Webinar Mar20 Anzaan Dippenaar

Upcoming webinar Droplet-based Whole Genome Amplification

Webinar Mar20 Anzaan Dippenaar

February 22, 2024 - Join the upcoming webinar with Dr. Anzaan Dippenar, Senior Research at University of Antwerp and learn more about revolutionizing tuberculosis (TB) surveillance with Whole Genome Sequencing

Title: Droplet-based Whole Genome Amplification: Successfully Sequencing Minute Amounts of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA

Speaker: Dr. Anzaan Dippenaar, Senior Researcher, University of Antwerp

When: Wednesday, March 20, 2024. 10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT, 3:30pm CET

Register here

ebook reveal function with single cell resolution with Xdrop cytokines

eBook: Reveal Cell Function With Single-Cell Resolution

ebook reveal function with single cell resolution with Xdrop cytokines

February 14, 2024 - Discover the latest Drug Target Review’s eBook entitled “Reveal Cell Function With Single-Cell Resolution” and explore the synergy of microfluidics technology and single-cell format flow cytometry for unprecedented insights into immune cell populations’ heterogeneity.

See how our Xdrop DE50 droplets can be used to encapsulate individual immune cells and deliver them for incubation, analysis, and retrieval.
Download here

Xtalks webinar Enzyme Engineering Advancements with Xdrop and Flow cytometry

Upcoming webinar Enzyme Engineering Advancements with Xdrop and Flow Cytometry

Xtalks webinar Enzyme Engineering Advancements with Xdrop and Flow cytometry

January 25, 2024 - Join the upcoming webinar with our colleague Volkan Besirlioglu and learn more about how to use Xdrop for enzyme screening.

Title: Enzyme Engineering Advancements with Xdrop and Flow Cytometry
Speaker: Volkan Besirlioglu, Field Application Scientist, Samplix
When: Wednesday, February 21, 2024. 9:30am EST (NA) / 2:30pm GMT (UK) / 3:30pm CET (EU-central)

Register here

EN co fundedvertical RGB POS

Samplix builds on initial successes in EIC Accelerator co-funded project

January 5, 2024 –  In 2023, the EIC (European Innovation Council) committed to aiding Samplix in the development of our microfluidics technology for functional characterization of single cells. This technology is crucial for revealing the heterogeneity of immune cells fighting cancer, among other key applications. The incredible potential of cell and immune therapy is currently limited by technical challenges related to the standard analysis of immune cells in bulk, which neglects their heterogeneity.

Having made good progress in the EIC Accelerator-funded project in 2023, Samplix is opening 2024 with a tight focus on the ways our Xdrop instruments can best serve the cell therapy research community. We’re proud to have been chosen by the EIC and committed to ensuring vastly improved workflows for cell therapy research, including cytokine, granzyme, antibody, and cell killing applications.

Learn more


Co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Innovation Council. Neither the European Union nor the European Innovation Council can be held responsible for them.

Webinar on November 8 entitled