Xdrop® is a versatile
and user-friendly instrument

Ideal for preparing living mammalian or microbial cells, organelles, DNA or other biological material for high-resolution downstream analysis.


The Xdrop instruments are microfludic platforms designed for generation
of single and double emulsion droplets.

Xdrop Sort

Xdrop sort frontview - cell sorting - flourecence - bulk assay - single cell analysis


Xdrop is a droplet generator capable of encapsulating living cells, organelles, or DNA fragments, along with assay chemistry, within highly stable, picoliter-volume, droplets.


  • Compatible with flow cytometry: Xdrop produces double-emulsion droplets that are compatible with flow cytometers.
  • Compatible with imaging: Xdrop produces double-emulsion droplets that are compatible with various imaging instruments.
  • Sample parallelization: Xdrop enables the generation of up to 8 samples in parallel, significantly increasing sample throughput.
  • Open platform: Open platform with multiple compatible assays. 

Xdrop in use - droplet production - cell screening - droplet generator

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Xdrop Sort

Xdrop Sort is a droplet generator and sorter. It has all the capabilities of Xdrop with the added feature of high-throughput fluorescent-activated droplet sorting.


  • Sorting parallelization: Xdrop Sort facilitates the sorting of up to 8 samples in parallel, markedly enhancing sample throughput.
  • Screening applications: Excellently suited for rare event sorting.

Xdrop sort in use - cell sorting - single cell analysis - FACS - flourecence

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