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SelectScience webinar

Upcoming webinar: Double-emulsion Flow cytometry: Opening new frontiers in cell therapy analysis with Xdrop and NovoCyte

October 25, 2023 –  Don't miss our next webinar on November 8, at 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST

In this webinar, Dr. Bárbara Schlicht, Samplix and Dr. Garret Guenther, Agilent Technologies, will discuss how the two technologies, Xdrop combined with NovoCyte, enable cytokine secretion assays as well as cell-cell interaction assays. Furthermore, they will explore how this innovation has the potential to transform single-cell droplet microfluidics by expanding the scope of single-cell functional screening assays and unlocking new frontiers in the understanding of single-cell behavior and function.

Webinar on November 8 entitled

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GLV Idun Visit July 2023

University of Groningen students spend a day at Samplix

GLV Idun Visit July 2023

July 26, 2023 – On July 19, we welcomed a group of students from University of Groningen's GLV Idun. It was wonderful interacting with members of the new generation of brilliant scientific minds. We enjoyed their questions and interest during a busy program, which included talks about our technology and working in academia and industry in Denmark, a tour of the facilities, and the option to participate in our daily exercise session.

These kinds of interactions are so important in preparing young academic minds for future careers as well as helping show off new technology that might inspire future research. We're proud to have hosted this group and we look forward to more such events.

Samplix Inc

Samplix Inc. opens in San Carlos, California

Samplix Inc

July 11, 2023 – We're delighted to announce that Samplix Inc. is open! To better serve our North American customers, we're now operational with an office and laboratory space at MBC BioLabs in San Carlos, California.

Our senior Field Application Scientist Cecilie Nyholm Andersen is the first member of the Samplix team on site.

This will facilitate demos of Xdrop and Xdrop Sort to customers in the area as well as making it easier for us to visit customer sites across North America.

Opening Samplix Inc. marks an important step forward in the development of the company, especially as the first office is located in an area that is undeniably one of the global hubs for biotechnological and pharmaceutical innovation.

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Hear Dr. Bárbara Schlicht at GTDM 2023

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June 8, 2023 – On June 13 and 14, Samplix experts will attend Gene Therapy Development and Manufacturing 2023 in London. We'll be at our booth to discuss the role of Xdrop droplet microfluidics in gene therapy development.

In addition, Dr. Bárbara Schlicht, an expert in microfluidics and our Senior Product Manager, is giving a talk on Tuesday, June 13 at 9:50 a.m. in Conference Room 1. "Xdrop: Facilitating Both Gene Edit Validation And High-Throughput, Function-Based Screening Of Single Cells" focuses on double-emulsion droplets produced by Xdrop, showing how they boost the throughput and accuracy of critical assays for gene and cell therapy.

Gene Therapy Development & Manufacturing 2023 promises in-depth discussions on optimized strategies and technologies for the development and manufacturing of advanced gene therapy products. Samplix is one of the bronze sponsors, and delighted to bring our technology to this important conference.

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We're at the Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit

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May 23, 2023 – From May 31 to June 2, Samplix experts will join the 2nd Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston. Dr. Peter Mouritzen and Trine Overgaard Østerbye will be on hand to explain how Xdrop products, which produce and sort double-emulsion droplets containing cells, can give a true single-cell view of cell-killing assays, overcoming the limitations of bulk assays or assays in single-emulsion droplets.

The Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit will gather over 100 experts working towards better potency assays. it's a crucial meeting in the cell therapy research calendar, and Samplix is proud to sponsor the event.

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Meet us at PEGS Boston 2023

IMG 6271

May 10, 2023 – Samplix is attending the world’s largest gathering of protein engineering and biotherapeutics experts: the 19th Annual PEGS Boston Conference and Expo.

Our co-founder and CTO, Dr. Marie Just Mikkelsen, is speaking on how double-emulsion droplet-based assays reveal subpopulations of immune cells with high cytokine secretion. She'll also demonstrate how to use this type of microfluidics droplet technology to quantify the fraction of killer cells with the capacity to kill a co-encapsulated target cancer cell using droplet-based approaches.

Dr. Mikkelsen is speaking at 9:30 a.m. on May 15 in the "New Frontiers in Immunotherapy" part of the 8th Annual Improving Immunotherapy Efficacy and Safety conference, which is part of PEGS Boston.

Our three experts will be at Booth 1018 for the whole conference, so be sure to visit them and hear more about Xdrop and Xdrop Sort.

Vi cykler til arbejde

We're cycling to work in May!

Vi cykler til arbejde

May 4, 2023 – We're cycling to work! Samplix is taking part in the Danish initiative "Vi Cykler til Arbejde", which runs through the month of May. 

Over 50,000 people are taking part from all over the country, from private and public sector companies. Most companies taking part have teams of up to 14 people, who compete to see which does best. This year, Samplix has two teams competing to see who puts in the most kilometres cycling rather than driving or taking public transport. 

Samplix is committed to supporting employees who cycle to work not just this month but whenever they want to. We have a full bike repair station, showers, and a bike shed to ensure that anyone cycling to work can feel comfortable for the rest of the day.

MiFFI 2023 Booth with visitor 2

Samplix is attending MiFFI 2023

MiFFI 2023 Booth with visitor 2

April 19, 2023 – Samplix is attending the 3rd International Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MiFFI) at the University of Copenhagen's Frederiksberg Campus this week. This important event draws researchers and companies from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in this sector.

At the second edition of this event in 2021, Samplix garnered significant attention around the benefits of single-cell resolution for screening.

This year, Samplix is presenting data on high-throughput screening of yeast from a collaboration with DTU Biosustain and hosting an industry symposium on high-throughput screening in droplets. The symposium is on Friday morning and has contributions from Dr. Volkan Besirlioglu of the Schwaneberg Group, RWTH Aachen University, and Dr. Tatyana Eleanor Saleski of DTU Biosustain and The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainibility.

EIC(3) 29921 Image

The EIC selects Samplix for an Accelerator investment of €10 million

EIC(3) 29921 Image

March 30, 2023 – Following a highly competitive selection process, the European Innovation Council has chosen Samplix to receive a €2.5 million grant, along with up to €7.5 million in equity investment, as part of its latest round of deep tech start-up investment funding.

The EIC Accelerator program is Europe’s flagship initiative to boost European innovation, focused on identifying and supporting the development and scaleup of companies with breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations.

On March 29, the EIC published that it has committed to aiding Samplix in the development of its microfluidics technology for functional characterization of single cells, which is crucial for revealing the heterogeneity of immune cells fighting cancer, among other key applications.

“We are extremely proud to receive this support from the EIC, which will allow Samplix to develop even more advanced products, and dramatically broaden our market scope,” said Lars Kongsbak, CEO of Samplix. “Samplix is at the point where we are ready to expand internationally, initially with an office in Silicon Valley to be closer to our customers and to exploit several partnership opportunities in that area.”

The EIC commitment includes the mentioned equity investment of €7.5 million, to be matched by venture or strategic investors. Thus, once completed, this will bring the total funding and grant support to €17.5 million. In addition, Samplix has this month concluded an investment round with a consortium of its current investors, amounting to €5.0 million.

The EIC noted that “the companies were selected in a highly competitive process, in which 159 companies were interviewed by juries of experienced investors and entrepreneurs, out of a total of 476 applications. The 32 selected companies will together receive close to €196 million in funding in a combination of grants and equity investments.” 

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Meet Samplix at these events in 2023

February 1, 2023 – Samplix representatives are attending the following conferences and events in 2023. Watch this space for more information on our booth, talks, and other plans.

  • The CAR-TCR Summit in London in February
  • The National Symposium on Preclinical Models in Cancer Research in Aarhus at the start of March
  • MiFFI in Copenhagen in April
  • PEGS in Boston in May
  • The Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit in Boston in May
  • Gene Therapy Development & Manufacturing in London in June

More conferences will be added to our calendar soon!

Peter tech slam

Peter tech slam

Meet Samplix at these events in H2 2023

August 8, 2023 – We have a busy second half of the year, with Samplix representatives attending the following conferences and events. Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for more information on our booth, talks, and other plans. Drop by our booth if you're at any of these conferences. 

We also have a presentation at the virtual Cell Therapy Analytics Symposium on September 19. Register here.

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