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FoG2022 Festival of Genomics 2022

Samplix attended the virtual Festival of Genomics

FoG2022 Festival of Genomics 2022

The Festival of Genomics and Biodata is the UK's largest genomics event. This year, the organizers decided to have the event in a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Samplix fully supported their decision and took an active part in the event as a sponsor and exhibitor.

Dr. Lydia Teboul of MRC Harwell Institute spoke about her team's use of the Xdrop target enrichment workflow to map and characterize mouse transgenes. See Dr. Teboul's talk

Our CTO, Dr. Marie Just Mikkelsen, gave a lightning talk on how microfluidics technology is revolutionizing gene and cell screening. See Dr. Mikkelsen's talk

Bioinformatics lab

Samplix launches new bioinformatics tools for downstream data analysis

Bioinformatics lab

To facilitate the handling of Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Illumina data from Xdrop workflows, Samplix has launched a suite of dedicated bioinformatics tools that are free to use for our customers.

The suite includes tools for:

  • Basecalling of Oxford Nanopore Technology reads
  • Generating independent basecalling reports
  • Reference preparation for enrichment mapping reports
  • Adding alignment tags

SLAS Dublin 2022 1

We went to SLAS Europe 2022 in Dublin

SLAS Dublin 2022 1

The SLAS Europe 2022 Conference is an important networking opportunity for people involved in lab automation and all the areas it relates to, including early drug discovery, cell biology, and molecular engineering. It was held at the RDS in Dublin from May 25–27.

We were delighted to be there, taking part as an exhibitor (at Booth K1, as pictured) and as a presenter. Our CTO, Dr. Marie Mikkelsen, gave an important talk presenting some of our latest results from functional analyses of mammalian cells encapsulated in our new DE50 droplets.

Samplix supported the virtual PAG XXIX event

The organizers of the International Plant and Animal Genome XXIX took the difficult decision to move the conference to a virtual platform. Samplix supported their decision and wished the organizers and attendees an excellent experience. We're looking forward to next year's conference and exhibition.

Samplix attended the MiFFI conference in Copenhagen

November 16-18

The second international conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MiFFI) was in Copenhagen. Samplix experts were at Booth C2 to answer questions and demonstrate how microfluidics technology can boost the resolution and throughput of single-cell investigations and synthetic biology workflows.

We attended NextGen Omics UK 2021

November 5, 2021

Our experts were on hand to discuss how Xdrop technology can integrate into your genomics and metagenomics workflows, boosting the resolution of long- and short-read sequencing. It was a great opportunity to find out how our instrument and services can support research.

We also sponsored a talk by Dr. Claudia Kutter of the Karolinska Institute on multiomics data and CRISPR editing. 

Functional validation of multiomics data - CRISPR perks and nuisances

In the agenda:

  • CRISPR as a toolbox to study regulatory gene functionality
  • Optimized cellular transfection of large CRISPR vectors
  • Detection of unexpected CRISPR on-target events with Xdrop and Oxford Nanopore Technologies

claudia kutter

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Webinar: Gene Clusters and Speciation – Unraveling Complex Plant Genomes

September 7, 2021

Austin Garner from Harvard University and Robert Heal from the Sainsbury Laboratory presented how they gain high-resolution insights into complex plant genomes. Austin studies the genetic underpinnings of speciation, using Samplix's Xdrop to sequence relevant long stretches of the Phlox drummondii 6-gigabase genome. Robert investigates genes that boost plant resistance to pathogens, using Xdrop to assemble complex gene clusters with the goal of cloning novel resistance genes to develop blight-resistant potato varieties.

Samplix sponsored talk at ESHG 2021

Long-read whole genome analysis of human single cells

August 28, 2021

Dr. Adam Ameur presented a first-time application of droplet multiple displacement amplification followed by long-read sequencing to examine the genomic architecture of a single human cell. 

Samplix discussed Xdrop at Plant Biology Europe 2021

Xdrop: Targeted enrichment to overcome challenges in sequencing large and complex plant genomes

June 29, 2021

Peter Mouritzen, VP Application and Market Development, gave a great talk on the value that target enrichment with Xdrop can bring to overcoming the challenges of long- and short-read sequences of plant genomes. He shared data and insights from some of our collaborations elucidating the complex genomic landscape of plants. 

Webinar: Pitfalls and best practices for CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing

Bioneer joins Samplix in this webinar

May 25, 2021

The following topics were presented:

  • Ten things you should think of when designing a good gene editing strategy by Benjamin Schmid, Research Scientist, Cellular Engineering and Disease Models, Bioneer
  • How to ensure your gene editing validation accounts for larger unintended rearrangements by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Webinar: Certainty after CRISPR

    Samplix collaborated with COBO Technologies

April 20, 2021

The following topics were presented:
  • Where did the target region go? Unravelling odd CRISPR/Cas9-induced genomic alterations in human cells by Keyi Geng, PhD Student, Karolinska Institute
  • Fast and sensitive detection of indels induced by precise gene targeting by Eric Paul Bennett, MSc, Dr. Med., COBO Technologies 

Genome Editing 2021|Virtual

Samplix participated in the Genome Editing conference 

May 30, 2021

In the agenda: Validation of Genome Editing through Indirect Sequence Capture and Long-Read Sequencing. Presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Samplix sponsored Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing |Virtual

A VIB Tools and Technologies conference

March 11-12 

In the agenda: Xdrop Technology combined with long-read sequencing sheds light on complex genomic regions: repeats, gaps, unknown insertions, and structural variants. Presented by Marie Just Mikkelsen, CTO Samplix

Parallel Session 2: Long reads

Webinar: Validate genome editing with Xdrop

March 4, 2021 

The webinar included the following talks:

  • PART 1: Genomically Humanised Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Disease; Thomas Cunningham, Senior Investigator Scientist, MRC Harwell
  • PART 2: CRISPR Validation and Resolving Complex Genomics Landscapes with Xdrop; Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Samplix sponsored Festival of Genomics & Biodata 2021

January 26-29 

In the agenda: CRISPR Validation and Resolving Complex Genomics Landscapes with Xdrop presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Samplix attended the annual meeting of the AGD 2020

December 17-18

In the agenda: Xdrop Technology for targeted enrichment of genomic regions for long- and short-read sequencing. Presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Screenshot 2020 12 08 at 12.03.44

Oxford Nanopore Community meeting 2020|Virtual

December 1-3

In the agenda: A pivotal contribution to CRISPR-editing validation. Presented by Cristina Gamba, Global Product Manager, Samplix

A pivotal contribution to CRISPR editing validation Cristina Gamba, PhD Samplix, Denmark

Samplix participated in Emerging Technologies in Single Cell Research

VIB Conference Series|Virtual

November 19-20

In the agenda: Discover Xdrop: Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) in droplets for single cells. Presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix


Samplix at NextGen Omics 2020|Virtual

November 5-6

The conference included the following talks:

  • Tackling Disease Related Repeat - Expansion Analysis By Xdrop Indirect Sequence Capture. Presented by Researcher, Functional Genomic Lab, University of Verona
  • Xdrop – Validation Of Correct CRISPR Gene Editing. Presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

Samplix CRISPR Validation Services

In-Depth Validation of CRISPR-engineered Samples by the Xdrop Experts|Press Release

October 1, 2020

Samplix has launched a new CRISPR validation service using its Xdrop platform. This proprietary technology from Samplix can enrich genomic regions longer than 100 kb from as little as 1 ng genomic DNA and with single-molecule resolution.

To read more, please see the full press release here.

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Winners|Samplix Xdrop Grant Program

Samplix scientific committee has awarded four excellent grant proposals

We have received an overwhelming number of very high quality applications, so we decided to award 4 grants instead of 3. All applications have been carefully reviewed by a team of 5 Samplix scientists.

Competition| Samplix Xdrop Grant Program

Submit your application by August 2, 2020 

  • 3 Grants of 5,000 € each (or equivalent in local currency)
  • Prize: “Samplix Xdrop and Sequencing Services” pilot project

Webinar: Capture the dark genome - From repeat-expansions to CRISPR unintended mutations

June 30, 2020

The webinar had the following program:

PART 1: Tackling Disease-Related Repeat-Expansion Analysis. Presented by Marzia Rossato, Researcher, Functional Genomic Lab, University of Verona

PART 2: Validation of CRISPR in a 100 kb Region Surrounding the Editing Site. Presented by Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development, Samplix

PART 3: The Launch of a Grant Program and Q&A

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Samplix and Bioneer in partnership

Samplix and Bioneer have entered into a collaboration to tackle challenges in genomics

May 28, 2020

Bioneer provides customized gene editing services including advanced quality control of gene edited cell models and will through their partnership with Samplix offer their customers access to the Xdrop technology.

 Learn more: Bioneer and CRISPR Editing Verification.

200527 Samplix Bioneer v4

Introducing Samplix Services

PCR-free, single-molecule target selection of genomic regions by the Xdrop experts|Press Release

May 5, 2020

Today, Samplix launched its comprehensive service program to grant any laboratory access to the advantages of Xdrop technology.

To read more, please see the full press release here:

05-05-2020. Samplix Press Release

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Samplix exhibiting at ESHG 2020

June 6-9

We attended at 2020's European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG) Conference in Berlin.

During ESHG, we presented our Xdrop instrument. 

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Meet Samplix at the Genome Editing 2020

March 12, 2020

Samplix attended and presented at the Genome Editing 2020 conference, in Oxford. Our speaker, Peter Mouritzen, Vice President Application and Market Development at Samplix, presented the following: Xdrop – A New Microfluidics Technology for the Analysis of CRISPR Editing.

Peter from Samplix

Samplix at the Plant and Gene Editing Congress Europe 2020

March 4-5

Samplix demonstrated our recently launched Xdrop system at the 8th Plant and Gene Editing Congress in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Plant DNA

Samplix at EMBL Cancer Genomics 2019

4-6 November

Samplix demonstrated our recently launched Xdrop system at the EMBL Heidelberg Cancer Genomics 2019 conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

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11th Annual NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress

November 7-8

Samplix demonstrated our recently launched Xdrop system at the Oxford Global 11th Annual NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress in London, UK.

logo OxfordGlobal

Samplix at Genomic Medicine 2019 Nordic

November 13-14

We attended at the Genomic Medicine 2019 Nordic conference at Kennedy Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Genomic medicine 2019 Nordic

Samplix at Genomic Medicine 2019 Cambridge

November 20-21 

We attended at  the Genomic Medicine 2019 Cambridge conference at Murray Edwards College in Cambridge, UK.


Samplix launched Xdrop

Unlock any part of the genome

September 2, 2019

Today, Samplix happily announced the commercial launch of our Xdrop instrument for the targeted enrichment of long genomic regions from as little as 1 ng of DNA.

Scientists in the genomics field can now routinely capture up to 100 kb long genomic regions, based upon very limited target sequence information (100-200 bp of sequence). Using Xdrop technology together with long- or short-read sequencers makes it possible to sequence into regions that were previously inaccessible.

The types of genomic regions that are now unlocked by the Xdrop technology include:

Difficult to sequence regions Repetitive regions Integration sites from gene editing

machine illutration

Samplix launched Xdrop

Providing PCR-free Target Enrichment of Single Molecules|Press Release

September 2, 2019

Today, Samplix announced the commercial launch of its Xdrop sample preparation products for PCR-free target enrichment yet maintaining PCR-level specificity.

To read more, please see the full press release here:

02-09-2019. Samplix Press Release

Xdrop instrument RGB

Samplix won €1.9 million in Horizon 2020 SME program

Samplix won €1.9 million in prestigious Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument program 

January 2019. Samplix is pleased to announce that the company was selected by the European Commission among the winners of the prestigious Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument program, obtaining €1.9 million to mature its proprietary Xdrop technology. The selection process was highly competitive with more than 1.800 applicants and a success rate of only about 3%.

Samplix’ proprietary Xdrop technology comprises novel microfluidics, chemistry and bioinformatics in a simple work process that allows scientists and clinicians to partition millions of single molecules in droplets, thereby enabling both targeted enrichment and high-quality amplification of single molecules for sequencing analysis.

 The Xdrop technology is currently in beta test at leading research institutions world-wide.

 “We are excited to receive recognition and support by the European Commission for completion of our product development towards commercial launch of the Xdrop solution later this year” said CEO Lars Kongsbak.

To read more about Horizon 2020 SME awards, please visit European Commission website:

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