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Samplix® delivers novel single molecule high-end, yet easy to use instrumentation, microfluidics cartridges, and reagents for molecular biology research.

Detect off-target rearrangements after CRISPR edits

Indirect sequence capture using Xdrop facilitated the identification and elucidation of an unintended and otherwise undetected insertion that occurred on only one of the alleles.

Conventional PCR screening for CRISPR edits can miss unintended off-target rearrangements. Indirect sequence capture using Xdrop facilitates the identification and elucidation of such rearrangements, including indels, around the CRISPR cut site. This application note shows this application using DNA from isogenic Alzheimer’s disease cell lines created from BIONi010-C.


Learn more about the process and product in these videos. 

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Samplix Technology - Indirect Sequence Capture with Xdrop

Learn about how you can enrich for long DNA fragments on your region of interest using the Xdrop technology. Using a short Detection Sequence (around 150 bp) you can Indirectly Capture long fragments (more than 100 kb long), select and amplify them for sequencing on long or short read platforms.

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How does Xdrop work? A tour in the lab

Xdrop workflow encompasses two main processes: Indirect Sequence Capture using double emulsion droplets and Multiple displacement amplification in single emulsion droplets. You start with nanograms of high molecular weight DNA and end with micrograms of enriched long DNA fragments.

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Xdrop- Droplet PCR for Indirect Sequence Capture

The Xdrop instrument makes it easy to enrich long DNA fragments for targeted long- and short-read sequencing. The first stage of the Xdrop enrichment process involves partitioning DNA into millions of double emulsion droplets using the Xdrop instrument. These droplets are highly stable and are suitable for PCR cycling and flow cytometry sorting. This simple protocol makes it possible for any laboratory to start enriching for their DNA target of choice.

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Xdrop - Multiple Displacement Amplification in droplets (dMDA)

The Xdrop instrument from Samplix makes it easy unbiased amplification of single DNA molecules. Each molecule is partitioned into separated single emulsion droplets, where the amplification occurs.
Multiple displacement amplification in droplets compared to bulk, provides a much uniform coverage, no inter-template chimeras and no preferential template amplification.

Scientific Papers

  • Reconstruction of the birth of a male sex chromosome present in Atlantic herring Rafati N, Chen J, Herpin A, Pettersson ME, Han F, Feng C, Wallerman O, Rubin CJ, Péron S, Cocco A, Larsson M, Trötschel C, Poetsch A, Korsching K, Bönigk W, Körschen HG, Berg F, Folkvord A, Kaupp UB, Schartl M, Andersson L. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2020 Sep 29;117(39):24359-24368. doi: 10.1073/pnas.2009925117. Epub 2020 Sep 16. PMID: 32938798.


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