Indirect Sequence Capture

Use Xdrop to capture intact genomic fragments up to 100 kb

Compatible with long- and short-read sequencing

Verify CRISPR Editing

Xdrop: Certainty beyond the edit site

Find viral integration

Find the exact genomic context of integrations.

Add context to viral integration patterns

We can do it for you

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Close gaps in plant genomes

Resolve poorly characterise plant genomes. Investigate in depth targets in big genomes

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Why Xdrop®?

icon low input DNA

Low Input DNA
(<10 ng)

icons identify detection sequence

Identify a Detection
Sequence (150 bp)

icons indirectly capture 100kb

Capture > 100 kb

icons enrichment unknown region

Enrich unknown regions

Long read sequencing

Amplify without bias

icons long short read

Sequence long- and short-reads

What is Xdrop?


What can Xdrop do?

Verify CRISPR Edits

Spotlight: Plant genomes

Spotlight: Benchmarking

Genes vs. Pseudogenes

Amplify Whole Genomes in Droplets

Identify Viral Integrations

Phase Haplotypes

Enrich for Long Regions

Explore Unknown Regions