Reveal cell function
with single-cell resolution

Accessible to every lab, Xdrop microfluidics products are changing how we look at cells.

With Xdrop products, every lab can easily and affordably analyze or screen millions of living cells every day. They're designed to help gain insight into single-cell antibody and enzyme secretion, individual cell killing potential, population heterogeneity, and more.

Xdrop products also support genomics work, capturing the right DNA fragments for highly targeted tasks, such as validation of CAR cassette insertions and CRISPR edits.

What is Xdrop?

Xdrop and Xdrop sort

How does Xdrop work?

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How can Xdrop help?

Here are a few of the tried-and-tested applications of Xdrop products.

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Identifying potent TNF-α secretors

See how to identify the highly potent TNF-α-secreting T cells from blood samples in just 7 hours with this Xdrop workflow.

box3 rare enzyme

Screening for rare enzyme variants

Xdrop accelerates fluorescence-based screening of bacterial cells, improving enzyme engineering efficiency.

box4 CAR casette

Localizing CAR cassette insertions

Starting from just 10 ng of DNA, Xdrop can localize CAR cassettes inserted into T-cell genomes using lentivirus systems.

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