Retrieve the right cells for
cell line development

Accessible to every lab, Xdrop helps you
isolate the mammalian cells with the desired properties.

Use Xdrop for cell line development

Isolate the mammalian cells with the desired properties from your sample. Encapsulate millions of single cells in microfluidics droplets for analysis using a flow cytometer or cell sorter. You can easily retrieve the living cells with the right protein secretion profile for further analysis and expansion.

Discover other applications

Screening box square


Transform discovery workflows. Effortlessly encapsulate single-cell libraries, enhancing the speed of your screening campaigns.

Cell therapy box square


Explore immune cell function in single-cell format assays, including cytokine, granzyme B, and cell killing assays.

Genomics box square


Advance genomics workflows with precise single DNA fragment encapsulation. Ideal for insert validation and targeted enrichments.