Xdrop technology

Xdrop products are microfluidics-based solutions that high-resolution insights into cells and genomes.

Xdrop technology​

Xdrop technology integrates cutting-edge microfluidic technologies into a robust and user-friendly instrument, capable of producing millions of droplets.

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Droplet microfluidics ​

Modern research demands high-throughput and efficiency. Traditional methods using tubes or microtiter plates can be time-consuming and costly. Droplet microfluidics technology offers an innovative solution.

Key benefits

  • Robust, and user-friendly technology​
  • Enables high-throughput assays​
  • Monodispersity for precise analyses​
  • Compatible with flow cytometry​

Droplet data and efficiency

Xdrop empowers
droplet flow cytometry
expanding the number
of possible assays.

DE50 cartridge closeup - pipetting (A well)

Double-emulsion droplets

Droplets act as micro-reactors, enabling encapsulation, culturing, and analysis of single cells, DNA molecules or particles. ​

​Double-emulsion droplets are compatible with flow cytometry, enhancing its capabilities and enabling the analysis of cellular environments, secreted proteins, and cell-cell interaction assays.​

Single emulsion and double emulsion droplets

Double emulsion droplets​

are compatible with flow cytometers and cell sorters​

Droplet compatibility


Xdrop cartridges ensure precise generation and sorting of droplets. ​​

Our product line offers a diverse range of cartridges tailored for high-throughput droplet generation and sorting. ​

All capable of processing up to 8 samples in parallel.

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Discover applications

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Transform discovery workflows. Effortlessly encapsulate single-cell libraries, enhancing the speed of your screening campaigns.

Cell line development box square

Cell line development

Elevate cell line development workflow. Encapsulate and screen single mammalian cells for enhanced antibody production.

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Explore immune cell function in single-cell format assays, including cytokine, granzyme B, and cell killing assays.

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Advance genomics workflows with precise single DNA fragment encapsulation. Ideal for insert validation and targeted enrichments.

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