Reveal cell function with
single-cell resolution

Xdrop products are changing how we look at cells and DNA.

Application areas for Xdrop

Xdrop uses microfluidics technology to encapsulate living cells or DNA fragments in double-emulsion droplets, enabling single cell analysis and DNA targeted enrichment assays. Crucially, these droplets are compatible with flow cytometers and cell sorters. 


Explore immune cell function in single-cell format assays, including cytokine, granzyme B, and cell killing assays.


Transform discovery workflows. Effortlessly encapsulate single-cell libraries, enhancing the speed of your screening campaigns.

Cell line development

Elevate cell line development workflow. Encapsulate and screen single mammalian cells for enhanced antibody production.


Advance genomics workflows with precise single DNA fragment encapsulation. Ideal for insert validation and targeted enrichments.

Enable high-throughput
functional analysis
in a single cell format with Xdrop technology.

DE50 cartridge closeup - pipetting (A well)

Xdrop sort close-up

What is Xdrop?

With Xdrop and Xdrop Sort cells can be compartmentalized in droplets, cultured and sorted based on a fluorescent readout.

Uniquely, our platform enables the analysis of two different cell types in one droplet, allowing for cell-cell interaction assays.

How does Xdrop work?

Xdrop technology specializes in double emulsion generation, achieved through a precise double emulsification step. These resulting droplets disperse in an aqueous buffer, making them compatible with flow cytometers and cell sorters.

This compatibility allows researchers to expand the range of possible assays in these instruments, including the analysis of secreted proteins, which remain confined within the droplets even after analysis.

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Upcoming Webinar

Join the upcoming webinar with Dr. Anzaan Dippenaar, Senior Researcher, University of Antwerp and discover how dMDA facilitates precise whole genome sequencing.

Title: Droplet-based Whole Genome Amplification: Successfully Sequencing Minute Amounts of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA
Speaker: Dr. Anzaan Dippenaar, Senior Researcher, University of Antwerp
When: Wednesday, March 20, 2024. 10:30am EDT (NA) / 3:30pm CET (EU-central)

XXdrop sort in use

Samplix is sponsoring the 3rd Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit

Visit the Samplix booth at the 3rd Cell Therapy Potency Assay Summit, in Boston in March 19-21.
Our experts will be happy to show you results from our latest application that reveals granzyme B secretion and cell killing dynamics in a our single-cell format.

XXdrop sort in use

Xdrop support

Contact our dedicated support team, which includes field application scientists, cell biologists, and microfludics experts, to discuss your workflow needs. They can help you plan your experiments, from deciding on the best media and fluorophores to discussing downstream analyses.

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