Grant Program

Application deadline on the 15th of July.

Empowering Single-Cell Research with Xdrop

With our flagship products, the Xdrop and Xdrop Sort instruments, we aim to democratize single-cell assays and empower researchers worldwide.

Grant Program Overview:

The Samplix Grant Program supports investigator-initiated studies and education projects that would benefit from droplet technologies such as single-cell functional analyses. Researchers have the opportunity to win a loan of an Xdrop instrument for a duration of 6 months to explore the unprecedented versatility and scalability of Xdrop technology.


Researchers from laboratories of any size and across all continents are welcome to apply. Proposed projects should highlight the benefits of double-emulsion droplet technologies in improving single-cell functional analysis, emphasizing the significance of comprehending cell population heterogeneity. Access to a flow cytometer, cell sorter, or imaging system is required.

Grant Benefits

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Equipment Loan: Five selected projects will receive up to a 6-month Free-of-Charge loan of an Xdrop system, along with a 50% discount on all necessary Xdrop reagents and consumables during the loan period.

Publication Opportunities: Researchers will have the opportunity to generate impactful data for publication, showcasing the advantages of single-cell analysis and exploring novel experimental setups.

Grand Prize: The most successful project will be awarded an Xdrop instrument, enabling continued groundbreaking research.

Application process

Step 1: Submission

Interested researchers should submit their proposals using the provided Program Form to

Step 2: Evaluation 

Submissions will be evaluated by the Samplix scientific leadership team. Decisions will be communicated by email 2 weeks after the closing date of the call.

Step 3: Execution 

The selected projects will receive the instrument 2 to 6 months after the announcement and will receive all the training and support necessary to start using the instrument.

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2024 Program Details and Deadlines

  • Application Period: May 15th – July 15th, 2024
  • Focus Area:  Demonstrating the significance of uncovering functional heterogeneity within cell populations.

We invite inquisitive minds from around the globe to seize this opportunity to leverage Xdrop technology in their research endeavors. Samplix is committed to supporting independent research initiatives aimed at advancing single-cell functional analysis.

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