Samplix Xdrop Grant Program

Be one of the 3 winners of a 5,000 € Service Project!

  • 3 Grants of 5,000 € each (or equivalent in local currency)

  • Prize: “Samplix Xdrop™ Enrichment and Sequencing Services” pilot project



Who can participate?

  • Everyone >18 years of age and engaged in Life Science Research

What is required?

  • Participant will provide an overview with a clear aim of the project, as well as a description of the region of interest and associated challenges.

  • The project encompasses the full Xdrop™ Enrichment and Sequencing workflow i.e. from target enrichment to sequencing on long or short read platform.

  • Your project should focus on one target and 2 samples (pilot project)

Can I get assistance for the application?

  • You can contact us at here if you would like to discuss your project prior to submission.

How can I apply?

  • You just need to submit a grant proposal, maximum 750 words long.

You can check Terms & Conditions for Samplix Xdrop™ Grant Program for full details.