Input calculators

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Single genome calculators

Use these calculators if you already have an estimate of the number of targets per haploid genome

DNA input calculator

How much DNA should I add in my dPCR to get desired target enrichment?

Enrichment predictor

How much target enrichment can I expect from my sample?

Enrichment calculator

What was the target enrichment in my experiment?

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Multiple genomes calculators

These calculators can be used to calculate suitable input amounts and expected enrichment as well as actual enrichment for experiments conducted using the Xdrop™ instrument for samples with a known number of targets per amount of genetic material.

Optimal input range calculator

Pre-enrichment - input amount calculator (complex)

Calculator used to estimate required sample input amount and expected enrichment for complex samples

Pre-enrichment - Manual input calculator

Calculator for fixed amount of input DNA

Calculator used to estimate expected enrichment for a fixed amount of input material

Actual enrichment calculator

Post-enrichment - Enrichment calculator (complex sample)

Calculate the actual enrichment obtained based on qPCR Ct-values for the enriched sample and for a control sample.