Samplix is always interested in supporting groundbreaking research. We have established collaborations with leading researchers within the genomics space performing groundbreaking and research. A few are mentioned below

Uppsala University & SciLifeLab

“We have had a long collaboration with the Samplix team. They have listened to our feedback, and we are glad to see how far this technology has come since the early days when we received the world’s first Xdrop™ in our lab”

- Dr. Adam Ameur, Uppsala University & SciLifeLab

Dr. Adam Ameur from Uppsala University and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), Sweden has, among other applications, used the Xdrop™ system for target enrichment and single molecule sequencing of the TP53 gene for phasing variants in DNA from leukemia patients. With the Xdrop™ method, Dr. Ameur and his team successfully phased point mutations present in the leukemia cancer samples. To read more about the project, click below.

A Ameur

Photo credit: Uppsala University